Radius Hotel Galleria Mall

Radius Of Joy

An immersion in an atmosphere of contemporary vibe, funky attitude, eccentric personality and modern dynamic city life, while resided by Tbilisi’s traditional and cultural heritage.

A space in the city center, where you can RECHARGE.

We have taken care of essentials, so that you can focus on creating your memories. Explore the city, shop, dine, learn old streets, locate hidden treasures of small cafes and wine shops...

Find that you too are from here, that you are “Tbiliseli”

Welcome back.

The Name Says It All

Enjoying a fabulous location on the top of the Galleria Tbilisi shopping mall, in the very heart of Georgia’s capital, Radius Hotel is an ideal for exploring Tbilisi.

Displayed in the most eclectic part of the city, Radius hotel gives an opportunity to immerse in Tbilisi’s architectural history, neighbored with the modern conceptual buildings.

Feel the heartbeat of the modern local life just taking an elevator down to the Galleria shopping mall, a retail mix combined with dining, entertainment and leisure attractions.

Tbilisi has a lot to offer and that’s what makes Radius hotel the best choice, whether you visit for business or leisure.