Nino-Mariam Bajelidze/ Administrative Assistant
– After receiving an education in Georgia, I have decided to enroll to Les Roches school in Spain and learn hotel and restaurant management.
The funniest memory was about the wine tasting right before an important test, imagine how coordinated all the students were, shortly said – we broke a lot of tableware that day ?
Although I had many job offers abroad, I’ve decided to find something that would suit me back home and luckily I did. Radius is modern, funky, colorful and fun – just like myself.

To decide join Radius team was easy, who would have said no to working with amazing, exciting and all the way wonderful people.
For me Radius is the place where I’m happy to be, and will do my utmost to support its further development. Radius greats and treats its guests as regulars, as if they have been here before and we know them well.